17013 is the zip code for Carlisle, Pennsylvania where this photography project takes place. The location of Carlisle is important for the series because that is where my family lives and this project is all about family. In past work, I spent time exploring the new stages my sister was entering, from childhood into teen years. I wanted to step away from a single focus on my sister and expand into exploring the whole family. I am interested in the dynamics and interactions between different members and how they go about their lives.
    When it comes to making photographs I lean towards settings with natural lighting. The enjoyment that comes from being out of a studio and in various environments with my subjects. Waiting and watching for candid moments when my family members seem unguarded and unaware of the camera. My subjects create more interesting narratives or compositions when they are relaxed and in control of the scene, so I sit and observe waiting for the right time to click my shutter. 

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